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Cloud Hosting Service & It’s Different Types

If you’re asking yourself what cloud computing is all about, we’ll tell you about the different cloud hosting services you can find in the market and how they add value to your life every day. What is cloud hosting? Cloud

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Role Of Workflow & Business Process Management In A Successful Organization

Organisations nowadays are becoming more and more dynamic, so that they can enhance employee productivity by gaining a better understanding of workflow and process management. However, that isn’t the only reason. It’s also important because overall operational efficiency is also

Tips For Setting Up Your Own Website Hosting Server

Have you ever heard about web hosting? What is web hosting? “Well let’s start by defining what it actually is. Web hosting is a type of internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via

Ways To Keep Up With The Google Search Engine In 2017

Google is changing everyday with the speed of a light (not literally but, yeah) and so is the information, the ways it can be accessed and the more it changes it becomes more broader and wider for it feels the

Investing Ideas For 2017 To Get Better Return On Your Money

Do you want to invest in something that gives you better return on your money? Ever thought of changing your investing schemes? If you want better returns on your investments then you must try the following investing ideas: Public Provident

Quick And Easy Ways To Make Summer Drinks For Refreshment

Want to make some refreshing drinks for yourself and your loved ones? Here are some options that you can try: AAM PANNA: Well this is probably the most loved drink in India and by Indian households. The ingredients needed are

Ways To Refresh Yourself This Summer

STAY HYDRATED: It is very important that you stay hydrated during the months of summer, because the body loses a lot of water in the form of sweat. Drink as much water as you can and you will stay hydrated

Amazing content marketing trends for 2017

What is content marketing? Do u know what it means? What does it do? Is it helpful for us? If yes! Then how? All these questions come in mind when we think about content marketing. Well, “CONTENT MARKETING IS BASICALLY

Ways to start a new business without investing much money

Nobody wants to work under someone and wants to take orders. We all want to start up our own business and work on our own terms. But all of this requires money or investment, which is the most difficult part

Naughty Things That Will Turn Your Relationship More Spicy

Every relationship needs some kind of spice to keep the fire going. Here are some things that will spice up your relationship if you try them: TEXTPECTATIONS: You know you can get the most turned on when you least expect

Things You Will Relate To If You Just Can’t Cook

DON’T KNOW THE NAMES OF THINGS: When your mom tells you to get something from the market and you know what that thing looks like. Yeah! The struggle is real. When you have to choose from two similar colour pulses

Do you know about these top Indian clothing/accessory brands?

We all love wearing branded clothes. There are many clothing brands that we love. But have you ever wondered where these brands are from? Here are top Indian clothing/accessory brands that you probably didn’t know about….   HIDESIGN:This is a

Crazy Thoughts That You’ll Have When Your Boyfriend Isn’t Replying

Have you ever waited on someone to reply back to your text or calls? Well, here we have some things that come to our minds when we have to wait for someone to reply to our texts or calls: (1)

Ideas to build up multiple income streams in your career path

Ever thought of starting something that is a little different than your main stream career? Well it could be both profitable and time utilising. It will not only be helpful to the time that you waste but will also be


1. THERE IS NO QUESTION AS TO WHO WILL LEAD: Yes, you are the only person who will lead and there has to be no questions about that. You have always been the person who leads and you will always