6 Fresh Summer Looks for Office!

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Here are the 6 Fresh Summer Looks for Office!!

The best thing to do when you want to look all geared up and go to work, is pairing a pastel shade top with a pencil skirt. This could be any material you like, but a pencil skirt will enhance those curves and make you look glam in no time. Also they look formal, so no dress code worries. Just pair it with heels and a bag. Pop a long necklace in your neck and open your hair. You are ready to turn all those heads towards you.

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There are days when you just don’t feel like making an effort to get ready, but also have to maintain that image you made the other day by going all glam. This is the perfect outfit for you. Just put on a palazzo pants (and length you like) and pair then with a white shirt. Now don’t forget to wear a little heels with this to make this look as if you were on it. now it is your choice if you want to keep your hair open or tie them up in a ponytail.

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Unless and until you a mess maker, white dress has to be your best friend. A white dress will always look formal and make you look pretty without even trying for it. Also it doesn’t needs accessories or anything. And shall I tell you the most interesting thing about it, you can skip the heels. Yes, my friend you can wear a pair of ballerina’s, shoes, flip-flops. Just anything you wish to. Keep your hair open or tied up in a ponytail or a bun, who cares… you will look as elegant as an angel.

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If you want show the world about the skill that you have and the diva that you are, this is the best thing to wear to office. Just wear an umbrella skirt with a cut sleeves top and there you go. Pair it with a pair of heels and rock this look with a dark lip shade. People might even confuse you with the Kardashian, and I am not even kidding about it. Just try it yourself.

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Being a girl I can understand not every day can be a dress or a skirt day. For the days you have not waxed your legs, jeans is the perfect solution. Just pair the jeans with an off-shoulder top (currently in style) and a pair of heels. Pick a pretty matching purse and long necklace to complete the look. Put on a pair of shades and you all ready to rock the day. And it’s okay if you don’t want to wear heels, just wear anything because its jeans.

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Let’s be honest, you want it or not on the meeting days, you have to wear formals which you absolutely hate, well I have a solution for you. Just pair those rugged jeans that have been sitting in the closet for years with a white semi-formal shirt and a pair of heels, don’t forget to wear a match because you care about time (at least that’s what the boss should think). Match your belt with your handbag and heels and you are ready to go.

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