10 Must Have Apps on your Phone!

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10 Must Have Apps on your Phone!
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This is an app specially designed for people like us, because lets me honest no one wants you pay for these apps by picking a hole in your pocket. So this shows you apps that have special offers or free to download for a limited period of time. I find this very useful but also addicting at the same time, because you have to check this daily.
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So we all have those photos that we don’t want anyone else to look at. This is the best application for you to hide and save your photographs in. you just have to download it and make an account, and even when you change the phone then you can just download in on the new phone and then add you email and then all your photos will be recovered.
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This is basically a relaxation therapy apps (Not professional) but this have a couple of options like, sleep deeply, motivations, tea-break relax, peace of mind, powernap, imagine, focus, closure, comfort, self-discipline, stop smoking, passion, irresistibly, calm journey. This is a great app for relaxation of the mind and body.
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Living in India we all heard and known about the just dial company, where you can just call and get information regarding anything. They have recently also launched an application for improving their services. This application is just a representation of their services and there you can see and choose whatever you like, according to your need.
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The ultimate application to know about the caller’s identity and location. This application helps you to identify the name and location of the user.
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This is the basic application for editing your photos. It has got the basic filters to make your skin look better, editing the brightness, highlights, shadow, grains, etc. then it has collages, the crop options, the add text option and borders. So basically it has got all the basic feature that you need and also it makes your photo the exact size to fit in and post to your Instagram account. Now isn’t that a plus??
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We all use the basic social media like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snap chat, Twitter. These are just basics that we all can’t live without and we all know all about these.
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The Wynk music app is a very famous app for many phones, this is the ultimate application for music download. The ones who are using Airtel will get a free subscription and others would have to pay for it but it’s a really nice application for songs.
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The ultimate movie and entertainment app. This comes with a series of movies and serials that you can watch. It operates on an account and then you can watch anything. You can choose from a wide range of options too.
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This is the best application to track your sleep cycle, because it’s very important to get enough sleep, also we all know the sleep is never enough. So it makes it easier to track your sleep cycle and also the noises you make during sleeping.
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