10 YouTube Channels to Follow Right Now!!

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YouTube channels are a great way to gain knowledge and also entertain yourself. The YouTubers who make videos and work full-time on YouTube videos are there working really hard and ignoring other things in their life. They work during the day on the videos and work during the night on editing those videos and putting them up for all of their subscribers. Here are some interesting YouTube channels that are my personal favorite to entertain your selves and learn great things!!


The full form of this channel is Oscar and Kyra and babies. The channel is of two teen parents Oscar and Kyra who are also fulltime You Tubers. They share with the subscribers their daily life along with baby Levi (the most adorable baby boy ever) and baby Alaya (the prettiest little baby girl). These are very genuine people who have achieved so much in the age of 21 years.

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This is a beauty channel. Kaushal who makes beauty videos for her subscribers is an exceptionally beautiful Gujarati girl who lives in the UK with her family. She is also a makeup artist who makes beauty and makeup videos. The makeup skills that she has are really awesome.

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Almost everyone knows about the viral fever videos. It has given us great shows like the Permanent roommates, the pitchers, Bachelors, etc. they also make videos that will make you laugh out loud. You must go and check out their channel for a good laughter therapy.

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The famous Kanan Gill, most known for his review of the Bollywood movies. Kanan and Biswas make videos of Bollywood movie reviews and other funny videos like books and movies, the pickup lines, etc.

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Now I don’t believe there is anyone who doesn’t know anything about the AIB. They are the best in the business. There is a group of guys who make funny videos on everything possible and everything impossible in the world. They add their inner true feeling and also a pinch of abusive words, just to make it more fun.

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We all know who Zaid Ali is, if not through you YOUTUBE, then trough Facebook. We all must have seen his videos with the caption brown girls in the gym, how brown parents behave, shit brown parents do, etc. he is a wonderful person who also makes videos on awaking the young generation to respect women.

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7. WHATSUPMOMS:This is a channel basically for the moms out there. You will find videos about making life easier with kinds at home, in the kitchen, the garden. Making food healthy meals for children, playing games with children. Etc.

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Similar to the OKbaby, this is also a daily vlogging couple with two baby boys. They take you along their journey of life with their friends and family. Also the new changed that they make like have a struggle to have children and then finally conceiving with a baby boy and then another baby boy within 8 months of the birth of the first. Then building a new house.

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“ROLLING IS AN ART BRO” as he says! This is a stand-up- comedian who posts videos of his stand-up- comedy videos. He is really funny. Once you hear him talk you won’t be able to stop. He will make you laugh out loud.

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The SIT makes videos on the couples, how men react on things and how women react on things. They make really funny videos, also men the real victims is a very fun series to watch.

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