Why Your Facebook Addiction is Not Healthy!

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Facebook has become a necessity of everyone’s life today, and there are many reasons that cause this social media website to become the most used by the people of all age groups. People are so addicted to the idea of Facebook that they cannot quit because they have a fear of missing out. According a research people of all age groups starting from the age of 12 are on Facebook (though the age criteria is 16 years) and have been using this social media website.

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People have a fear that others will post things, and they won’t be able to see it, they fear that they won’t be able to congratulate Raghu (Pados walali aunty ka beta) first, when he posts his relationship from being single to engaged, and c’mon you know he won’t be able to live his life without you approving it and talking to at least 50 other aunties about him and his wife to be. They are afraid that people won’t be able to talk to them, or they won’t be able to talk to people because they would not be updated with all the latest news. These are all the possible things that can come in the minds of people, which makes it impossible to leave or forget about Facebook.

Though it keeps you attached to your near and dear ones, and keeps you updated, it surely has a lot of negative effects on you, three of them are:

1. Meaningless relationships: The relationships that are only restricted to the posts that you post online, without sharing the actual feeling and experiences, ask yourself, are these even worth your time??

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2. Lack of one on one: The relationships that we form online are the ones that we can connect with only through social media and not one on one. You don’t get to actually meet and spend time like normal people do.
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3. Lack of productivity: When people engage in social media and things that take most of their attention, then they get less productive and hence all their energy is occupied by the social media and they cannot pay attention to their work.

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And there are many more like you actually forget how to have a real conversation with a person you have only know through Facebook since so many years. (Yes, it’s a pain when you know Aarti from all these years, because she was the only hot topic in your group and finally when you meet her in person, you can’t even say “hello”) “” EXPERIENCES REAL PAIN “”
Now that we have discussed everything that I almost against Facebook, We would like to introduce you to some of the other social media platforms that are trending these days….

1. Twitter: because this is where all the celebrities actually are

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2. Snapchat: because Facebook stole its story theme, there has to be something good about it.

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3. Instagram: because most of you never even understood the reason behind “what’s on my mind” on Facebook.So dude, just post pictures here with all the hashtags you want.

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4. WhatsApp: because believe me with the privacy feature, texting is much better here….:P

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But now we all know the LOVE WE SHARE FOR FACEBOOK, but do you remember ORKUT anymore? No? Then you might as well MAKE A SAFE DISTANCE FROM THIS.

Aashna Mehta

Aashna Mehta is a clinical psychology post graduate who uncannily, loves to write as much as she loves to connect with people. She also has a penchant for all things beautiful and loves to indulge in fine arts whenever she can. Her stories are a portrayal of her soul that is simple and grounded.

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