5 Real Good Drinking Games You Must Play!!

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We all get drunk and do stupid things that we regret in the morning. So best way to keep safe from these big mistakes that could take place is playing a game with everyone involved. This will not only keep you away from your mobile phones but will also let you make confessions that you would otherwise not. So here are 5 real good drinking games that you must play!!


We have all played this game with our friends while we were drunk. And if not, you must have seen it in KOFFEE WITH KARAN. So the game is basically about a group of people sitting together and making statements, now if you have been there and done that, then take a shot and if not then you don’t take a shot. For example; statement: never have I ever imagined my favorite actor in bed with me…. So if you have then take a shot and if not then don’t.

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Most men like to sit in a group and play cards, mostly gambling games so that they could have a little fun and also earn something, so that it becomes memorable. Even some women like to indulge in this game during their kitty parties. This is a great way to have fun while you are drunk.

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While sitting in a group, you need to make a circle. Then one person will ask and question and then everyone has to point to the answer. For example; a person will say, “Who would most likely steel from my wallet if I was drunk” and then all the people in the group will point towards the person they think is most likely to do such a thing.

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Choose a bag and make a circle around it. Now one by one everyone will have to pick the bag up with their mouth. So now you cannot use anything else other than your mouth. And whoever is not able to pick the bag up, has to drink a glass. Round two becomes interesting because you have to trim the bag and then take a turn. Then same goes for round three and four. This goes on until the bag is just left with the bottom.

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This is the classic game that everyone has played in their childhood. But this one is with a trick. Now everyone writes down a word and makes chits. Then if it’s your turn then you pick the chit without telling anyone and roll the dice. Then if you get an even number then you have to narrate a true story to your friends relation to the word u got and if you get an odd number then makeup a story and narrate it to your friends. Then your friends will guess if this is a true story or you are faking it!

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