7 Drunk Text That We’ve All Sent!!

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We all have been that drunk at least once in our lives and then sent texts that we aren’t proud of. In spite of our best friend telling us not to, we all have done these kinds of mistakes in our lives. So here are the  7 drunk texts that we’ve all sent…


On some day or the other we all have sent text messages to our ex’s, while we were drunk, coz let’s be honest he/she has done you no good. So this is the right time to text him/her and tell him everything that you were not able to tell them while you were sober, and probably wouldn’t be able to once you get sober again.

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When you have a million friends in your friend list, then there has to be someone you hate more than your ex. So this is the most appropriate time to tell them how their dressing sense makes you hate them. You must text them and say why it is not okay to wear two prints together, and wear an animal print dress with hot pink leggings. So they understand that it’s not only the drunk you that thinks that way but also the sober you.

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This by far has been the most appropriate time to say the truth to anyone, so that the next day you could say you didn’t mean any of it. When you are drunk you have the liberty to say things that you actually want to say and then apologies the next day. Not that only a few know that people who are drunk will always say the truth.

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Now. When you are being so honest to everyone about everything, then you must answer the question you mother asked you 15 years ago if you have ever kissed any guy? Damn Yes! You have. And your mother must know it. So before anyone comes up to you and stops you from doing so, be quick and send this text to her Asap.

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So, now that you have sent text messages to all your ex’s about the wrong they did to you, you must now solve the problem of the present. So leaving behind the good guy and apparently your best male friend whom you have friend zoned for such a long time, text a jerk from your list and tell him how much you like him and want to be with him.

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Most probably your best friend is there with you, so you can go and hug her and tell her how much you love her and what she means to you. But if now, just grab that phone and leave her a text that you adore her and can’t even imagine a day without her in your life. How she has the magic wand for when anything goes wrong and also tell her she is going to need it first thing tomorrow morning.

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Now there are people who drink a lot but don’t get drunk. So just to be in the clan and not feel left out they try sending text to people too. Anybody sending the right text to the right person is the one who is the “FAKER”, coz when you are drunk, you can’t think straight.

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