7 Insane Ideas to Make Your Room Awesome!

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Everyone wants to have an awesome room because let’s face it, we spend more than half of our lives in our bedrooms.

1. WHITE WALLS: the walls have more than half of what is known as “your room” so it is important to choose the right colour for your walls. White is always a great option. Want to know why? Well, if you have a small room, then white walls can make it appear bigger, and if you have a big room, then it can make it appear even bigger and much cleaner than it actually is. Though it is hard to maintain white walls, you can go with a plastic paint so that whenever there is a stain on the wall, just wash it away with a clean wet cloth. And your walls be good as new.

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2. LIGHTING: It’s very important that you have proper lighting in your room. This can make or break the image of your room. A lot of lighting means more brightness and that is a good thing isn’t it? Also it will help your eyes and your photos. So for those perfect selfies, just add more lighting in your room, in the form of yellow or white lights any one you like, above your bed, on the ceiling, around our dressing table and in the corners.

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3. CURTAINS: curtains can make your room look fab or drab. Curtains as only a few would know play a very important role in the lighting and the colours of the room. If you are anything like me and love natural lighting then put up white tissue curtains this will make your room look really royal. But if you like some less natural light then chose the colour wisely. Don’t go for deep shades like red and orange or blue, these will take the grace away from your room. Stick with grey, beige, pink, purple, and mint.

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4. PERSONALIZE TOUCH: to add a personalized touch to our room. Add pictures of yourself, your family and friends. Also you can add your colour of throw pillows, show pieces and other sentimental things in your room.

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5. MIRRORS: mirrors can make a room appear bigger and also looks good. Add huge mirrors to your room for that glam effect and enjoy every angle of yourself. This will work as decorative item, the thing will make your room appear bigger and brighter and also will help you click picture whenever no one is around. So isn’t it a win-win?

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6. FURNITURE: choose your furniture wisely. Don’t miss match the furniture. This will spoil the look of your room. Choose something classy yet easy on your pocket. Furniture should also be something that can be sued for years together so before buying anything just check the material. Also arrange them properly just don’t throw everything in a line together. Making your room look amazing includes arranging things in a way that looks good to the eyes and also make it look bigger.

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7. CLEANLINESS: it is very important to keep your room. Keeping things clean an organised will make such a huge difference to your room that you can’t even imagine. Also making your bed every day will make you feel much more productive and at the end of the day when u get back on your bed you will feel much more relaxed.

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