Amazing content marketing trends for 2017

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What is content marketing? Do u know what it means? What does it do? Is it helpful for us? If yes! Then how? All these questions come in mind when we think about content marketing. Well, “CONTENT MARKETING IS BASICALLY A TYPE OF MARKETING FOCUSED ON CREATING, PUBLISHING AND DISTRIBUTING CONTENT FOR A TARGETED AUDIENCE ONLINE.” It is used by the businesses to expand business, and to attract people and expand their customer base. So this is what it means and does basically. Now, here are some amazing content marketing trends for 2017………

1. BUYING INFLUENCERS: Have you ever seen a youtuber who has the maximum followers on YouTube and people are largely influenced by it. Well I have. Have you heard about Casey Neistat? Yes he is one of the most influential YouTube celebrity, but now he has been purchased by CNN in $25 million.Great isn’t it?

2. CONTENT MARKETING AS DEFENCE MECHANISM: You can use the content marketing as defence mechanism, which is you can have it as a plan B. so when you make a business plan for your business and then it doesn’t works out. You can use this to basically try another shot at the market.

3. BLACKLASH AGAINST SOCIAL PLATFORMS: The algorithm of any website is very important for the maker as well as for the influencer. The people who make their own YouTube channels and get so much traffic on it due to the content they post are very pissed with the changing algorithm of the YouTube. This has even made many of them lose traffic which is not a good thing.

4. E-MAIL RENAISSANCE: There are many people who ignore the aspect of email marketing. They give much more importance to the social media marketing than that to the email marketing. But not everyone has access to social media or even check social media that often but people tend to check their email more than once a day and that a great thing to promote your sales. Also people may or may not visit your site or pay attention to your updates on social media but they will for sure be very happy to read your emails. Because let’s be honest it sound more professional and important.

5. PRINT REBIRTH:That you’ve noticed, but print magazines as a tactic for content marketers have been steady for the past couple of years (according to our research). I believe we’ve hit a bottom in print’s decline as more marketers look to cut through the digital clutter with print.


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