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Websites are a reflection of your company. They define the basic concept behind the company and the ideas and innovations of the company. Here are some websites that will inspire you…..

1. WWW.TATABREW.COM: this is a most basic one, this is making the most efficient use of the hero are, if you don’t understand the term hero are, it is the first thing that pops up when the viewer opens the website. These kind of websites became very popular in the past two years for obvious reasons, one of them being that they are very amazing to the screen, and they are very simple websites without any extra stuff, with having large images it looks good on the screen.

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2. WWW.TRANSITIONS1020.COM: here in this website we see, the designers added the videos and music in the background to make it look more appealing to the user, by occupying the hero are with much more interesting stuff. This one looks absolutely amazing. So the most important thing to keep in mind is that the quality of the video is not at risk, so adding really small videos or time lapse’s that repeat again and again is a great option. Another interesting thing in this website is the ghost button which is becoming very popular day by day. They are usually thin border and fine text. These play a very important role in the website and take you another page in the website.

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3. WWW.BELLYROY.COM/LIVE-LIFE- OUTSIDER/: so the most important and happening feature of this website is that the background of this website is with a 3D effect. They have designed the website in such a way that there are a lot of pictures to grab the interest of the client which are tied up with the theme of the website. Just the background switch will make the website look very sophisticated yet trendy.


4. WWW.FLYJETEDGE.COM: so moving on further with the latest web trends, there has been a lot of experimentation with the scrolling of the web pages from the past few years and with the introduction of new techniques, these changes are now possible. The technology is known as parallax rolling, which has changed the way websites were made, it has made it very interesting. A simple scrolling effect change completely change the idea of the website and make it more appealing. With changing colours and backgrounds and the texts. With little bit of JAVA and CSS you can achieve this kind of website, and make it look even cooler.

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5. WWW.AIQUIMIAWRG.COM: this is best example of parallax scrolling which is background of stars is liked with the curser and wherever the cursor moves the background changes according to it, and the contents of the page are on a separate layer and every layer has its own scrolling speed which actually creates a 3D effect and looks very attractive.

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6. WWW.JVIEWZ.COM: now parallax scrolling is a very wide topic and there are a lot of possibilities in it and it is like some magic trick which makes your website look very-very attractive and amazing. Now this one is a very cool example of parallax scrolling. So when you open the website, you see a lot of axis and a lot of dots, again by the help of JAVA Script they have achieved this type of a thing. And these are really good visual effects. So when you click on these timelines you can see different pictures on very dot. So that’s an amazing feature.

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