Cloud Hosting Service & It’s Different Types

Tech Sep 04, 2017 No Comments

If you’re asking yourself what cloud computing is all about, we’ll tell you about the different cloud hosting services you can find in the market and how they add value to your life every day.

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is an on-demand technology that works on the code of shared processing and storage. When you choose cloud hosting, you don’t just host the data on a single server but on multiple servers that safeguard the information from system failures or other issues. Another benefit of cloud hosting is automated data access.

There are many cloud hosting services and providers that are primarily divided into three parts: public, private, and hybrid. Let’s look at them individually.

Public Cloud: It is a cloud infrastructure that is available on the Internet and is open to the public. They are usually highly economical and easy to setup. The only setback of public cloud services is its principle of ‘one size fits all’, which isn’t very beneficial for business purposes.

Private cloud: Private cloud can be owned and operated by a particular organisation. It offers cloud computing benefits with complete control over your data. Enterprises that opt for private cloud also benefit from enhanced security for their data.

Hybrid Cloud: A hybrid cloud gives you the best of both worlds. It offers data control just like a private cloud but keeps the software as a service just like public cloud services.

Cloud service provides technology that allows companies control of their data in a way that they don’t have to worry it. They can, instead, concentrate on their core to bring in more productivity and profitability to the organisation. It is imperative for any business that is operating in today’s highly competitive market to have their cloud hosting service to take care of their data.

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