Crazy Thoughts That You’ll Have When Your Boyfriend Isn’t Replying

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Have you ever waited on someone to reply back to your text or calls? Well, here we have some things that come to our minds when we have to wait for someone to reply to our texts or calls:

(1) WHY IS HE TAKING SO LONG TO REPLY: We always start by things what must be the reason he is taking so long to reply to our messages? What would have happened? He has never done that before, and even when he has I knew he was out with friends or driving. But what could be the possible reason today?

(2) MY CLOCK ON MY PHONE IS BROKEN: Maybe I am overreacting. Maybe the time on my phone is too fast. Maybe it’s just been a minute since the message has been delivered. Is my phone showing me the wrong time? “CHECKS ALL THE NEWS CHANNELS FOR THE CORRECT TIME.”

(3) HE HASN’T LOOKED AT HIS PHONE PROBABLY: Probably he is busy again and hasn’t checked on his phone as yet. Maybe he has kept his phone in his pocket and forgot to take it out and thus he doesn’t knows that I have texted him.

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(4) BUT HIS PHONE IS ALWAYS IN HIS HANDS: But I have never seen him put his phone in his pocket. He always have his phone in his hands. And there is no way he has not seen my texts if his phone is in his hands!!! Why is still not reading my texts if his phone is with him?

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(5) OMG! DID HE LOSE HIS PHONE: Is it possible that he lost his phone on the way back? What if he lost his phone and can’t even tell me that he lost his phone and also doesn’t has my number by heart and now we won’t ever be able to talk. OMG! This is not what I wanted. He had just bought a new phone.

(6) DID HE HAVE AN ACCIDENT: Or what if he met with an accident and he is in the hospital and that is the reason he can’t reply to my text. Would he be conscious? Or is he unconscious? What if the police calls me and asks me about him? Maybe I should change into something hospital friendly!!

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(7) OMG IS HE DEAD: But wait, what if he is already dead and his soul has come here to meet me. OMG! OMG! I can’t be around the souls of someone. I mean I loved you a lot but then you are dead and I can’t be loving the soul of a dead person. That’s not cool.

(8) HE WAS ONLINE A SEC AGO: Wait! He was online a second ago, at least that’s what his whatsapp last seen says. Then why didn’t he reply to my text or called me back? Is like ignoring me?

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(9) ONLINE ON FACEBOOK: He was just also online on Facebook and also commented on that photo. Then why is he ignoring me?

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(10) HE STILL HASN’T CALLED OR TEXTED ME BACK: Why has he still not texted me or called me back? Why is he ignoring me? Did I do or say something wrong? What if he never calls me or texts me back?

(11) HE IS A JERK: I think he is a jerk to not call me or text me back. I mean what have I done to deserve this? Nothing! He is obviously a jerk!

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(12) I AM GOING TO COUNT TILL 3: So here goes a count of three if he doesn’t calls or texts me back then I am just going to move on in life and ignore him just like he ignored me. I would never fall for someone like this again. 1…2…2 ½ …

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(13) IS HE BORED OF ME: Is he bored of me now? Have I given him so much in a short time that he got bored of me? Am I really so boring?

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(14) MAYBE I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR HIM: Or am I not good enough for him? I am any less than him?

(15) MAYBE HE’S NOT WORTH IT: Maybe he is just a jerk and I am wasting my time and energy on him. He doesn’t even deserve it. He is not worth it.

(16) BUT HE’S HOT AF: But he is really hot. And his body is so sexy. OMG! I still can’t get over his ass. What does he even do with such a sexy ass?

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(17) BUT I CAN STILL DO BETTER: But I can still do better than him. I can even get Prince Williams if I would want. I think I should just let him go. But Prince Williams is already married

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(18) I’M SAD: OMG! I am so sad. I am feeling so low. I need to lay on my bed and have all the chocolates and sweets that I have. I feel like crying.

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(19) WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN WITH ME: Why does it always happen with me? Why can I never get true love? All my friends are getting married, and I am here dealing with ignorance. Why lord why?


(20) I AM GOING TO ADD RANDOM GUYS: I have to get over him, I am going to make a new id on tinder and get hooked. Let me just add 10000000 random guys to my account

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(21) I NEED TO GO SHOPPING: I have to go shopping. Only that can cheer me up. When I go to the mall I will buy everything that I don’t need and ignore everything that I need. And that’s how I will feel better

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(22) WHAT IF HE WAS DOUBLE DATING: What if he was already seeing someone else? That hot classmate? What if I was just a second option for him?

Image result for girl mad at bf gif——-DING——-

(23) OMG! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH: OMG! He messaged me, ohh! He was with his dad and that’s why he couldn’t take my calls. Thank god for that! I just love him so much!

Image result for phone msg gifIs this how you feel when he doesn’t reply to your texts?? Let me know in the comments below if you feel the same.

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Aashna Mehta is a clinical psychology post graduate who uncannily, loves to write as much as she loves to connect with people. She also has a penchant for all things beautiful and loves to indulge in fine arts whenever she can. Her stories are a portrayal of her soul that is simple and grounded.

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