Ek Diwali Khushiyo Wali – Make Few Small Efforts To Spread Happiness This Diwali

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Diwali – A celebration that fills every Indian’s heart with happiness and enthusiasm. A celebration that’s full of sweets, gifts, love, happiness, blessings, and rituals. It’s the time when people enjoy being at home and celebrating each day of this festive season. It is an occasion to complete dip yourself in the colors of festivity. People decorate their homes and offices with flowers, rangoli, diyas, candles and other LED lights. Shopping is one of the favorite tasks to be accomplished during this time. All of these efforts are made to be happy with family and friends, and to celebrate the festival with full enthusiasm. But have you ever thought about making some stranger also happy?

There are a lot of homeless people who beg at traffic signals on this auspicious day also; so why not spend a bit on them, instead of spending a huge amount of your money on shopping and crackers. You don’t need thousands or hundreds to make them smile; just a single Rs. 100 contribution is enough to bring smile on many faces this Diwali. Some of you might not feel comfortable giving money directly to them in an impression that they may use it the wrong way, so here are the options that you can pick up to spread the joy among them:

  1. Sweets – When you buy sweets for your family or friends, you can buy an extra pack to distribute among the needy. You can also buy a small bunch of chocolates that will just cost you Rs. 5 each. You can keep these chocolates and the extra pack of sweets with you and can share it with anyone who is not able to afford it at the moment. A single piece of the sweet will give you an incomparable satisfaction.

Sweets this DiwaliChocolates to Share

  1. Small Cars / Soft Toys – A small toy car and other soft toys might not fall heavy on your pockets, but they will make a child happier than anything else. It’s something that cannot be expressed in words but you can feel it through their expecting eyes. Make their Diwali happening this year!

Share Soft Toys Share Toy Cars

  1. Crayons / Color Pencils – How about an idea of sharing and filling colors in other’s life? A small pack of crayons/color pencils will cost you very little, but it will fill a child with all colors required in his/her life.

Crayons to Share

  1. Biscuits – A small packet of biscuit is affordable for you and won’t affect your pocket much, but it can make a huge difference in someone’s Diwali. So keep a bundle of small biscuit packs with you and share it with those who need it.

Parle G - Share This Diwali

You can get all these things in the local market or you can also order online at discounted prices from Amazon, Snapdeal, Big Basket and many more ecommerce platforms. It would be best if you keep these stuffs in your bag, bike or car to share it with the needy people instantly. Apart from all this, you can also share your crackers, with people around you who can’t afford them. It will be the most valuable gift for them who are homeless and hardly earn one-time meal through begging or other ways. The smile on their faces and their blessings will light up your life with love and prosperity. Your kindness will be an inspiration for others and will help others to build a better nation with such kind gestures.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s be a Santa Claus this Diwali and spread the happiness all around!


  1. Nitesh Chandra Mandraha

    Excellent Blog with innovative ideas to bring happiness to those who need it most… Let me try and implement at least one of these this diwali.. I will post my experience then… i just feel so good after reading your blog.. keep up sharing articles of these kind.. All the best Heena..

    • Heena Kousar Ahmad

      Thanks for your feedback. I really believe that you will get an incomparable satisfaction after doing these things. Plz do share your experience here once you implement it. And yes, wish you a very Happy Diwali! 🙂 😀

  2. Ankit Saini

    Definitely I will try. Happiness is the only thing that increases after sharing…NYC blog Heena 🙂

    • Heena Kousar Ahmad

      Thanks Ankit. Hope you will enjoy this Diwali with lots of sparkling smiles around you 🙂 Keep on doing good work like this and spread this idea with everyone around you 😉

  3. Shivam Raj

    Wow.. Amazing 🙂
    A lot has been conveyed.. Keep posting and very Happy Diwali to you as well 🙂

    • Heena Kousar Ahmad

      Thank you Shivam 🙂
      Please implement these ideas and share them with your family and friends, so everyone keeps on smiling this Diwali 🙂 Let’s spread the Joy!

  4. neha

    sweet thought to go ahead this deepawali instead of making noise.go ahead i am with you.

    • Heena Kousar Ahmad

      Thanks Neha. I hope you will also implement these ideas and will bring smile on many faces with your kind deeds 🙂 😀 Happy Diwali Dear!

  5. Govinda Chandak

    Well said Heena…celebrating happiness with the one who needs the most is something which makes our inner soul feels happy. Will celebrate happiness with them and also request near ones to do so.

    • Heena Kousar Ahmad

      Thanks Govinda. It will really help us in making a huge difference in society. 🙂

  6. Arun Rai

    Meaningful …seriously people should think over it…… well done Heena

    • Heena Kousar Ahmad

      Thanks Arun. Kindly implement the ideas and spread the words out.

  7. Shrey Saraf

    Good Going
    Nice heart touching simple message with great meaning inside.

    • Heena Kousar Ahmad

      Thank you Shrey!

  8. Divya Mani Gautam

    Nice and meaningful BLOG Heena…keep sharing such articles..:)

    • Heena Kousar Ahmad

      Thank you! Will be sharing such blogs frequently, so keep tuning.

    • Justus

      I much prefer inrmfoative articles like this to that high brow literature.

  9. Great Heena, it’s really worthful!

  10. Reetesh

    Excellent thought ..yeh we can do this..nice one

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