Few Reasons Why I Prefer Weed Over Booze!

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We have seen that Alcohol is actually legal in many countries, so people assume that Alcohol is safer than marijuana but the reality is that it is not the case. These are the points :

1. No calories: As marijuana is an herb, it is not as calorie consuming as the beer. So if you smoke pot, then you won’t gain weight because you don’t intake it, you just inhale it and inhaling doesn’t increase your weight.

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2. Less toxic: Alcohol is a very toxic drink, the reason is that it is preserved for a long period of time, it may or may not suit people. But this is not the case with marijuana, it is not at all toxic so there are no after effects of it. So when you wake up the next day you won’t be having the “hangover”.

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3. No violence: Unlike alcohol it doesn’t have any ingredients that could cause a violent behaviour or push someone to behave in a violent way. Which is a plus, it actually calms you down.

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4. Death: many people die from alcohol use whereas no one dies from marijuana use, actually 37,000 annual U.S. deaths are attributed to alcohol use (doesn’t include accidental deaths). We have also seen people die from the overdose of alcohol but there has never been a fatal marijuana overdose.

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5. Health related costs: The health related costs associated with alcohol use for exceed those for marijuana use. The health related costs for alcohol consumers is eight times greater than those for marijuana consumers.

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6. Addiction: So, it is pretty clear that alcohol is more addictive than marijuana, because alcohol consumption is a leading cause in the country, I think it is misleading to say that marijuana is not addictive, it is addictive but in a different way. If you are a daily consumer of marijuana and you stop one day then you will experience withdrawal. You will actually face problems.

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7. Diseases: They say alcohol is linked with cancer and marijuana is not, well if you smoke so much marijuana then you are going to have some lung issues eventually. It all depends on the amount you consume. But marijuana has some benefits in terms of cancer as well.

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8. The banned issue: In most countries, marijuana is classified as the no 1 drug, which means it is more dangerous than heroin according to some researchers. But 3000 people died from heroin overdose in 2010. But nobody dies from marijuana (since the beginning of time).

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These evidences are based on studies that have been around since so many years, but do we actually trust them when they can classify marijuana as a drug and banned it even when it is less dangerous than alcohol. And people all over the world are consuming alcohol when it is what should be banned.

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