How Narender Modi Became a Social Media Superstar!

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The respected Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi is a very famous personality on social media. He has been very active on social media and has never missed a chance to motivate this followers. He is not there to be just present on the social media platform, because others are present there to, like the prior President of the US, Mr Obama. He has proved that posting with the close family and friends is a super hit because the posts that are much loved on this Twitter and Instagram are posts with Mr Obama and his wife, when they came to India. And the latest ones are those that he has posted with his mother. The post got 2.4 million likes and 81,000 shares also the one with his mother was his third-most popular post on Facebook with 1.6 million likes and more than 123,000 shares, and fifth most popular on Twitter with 18,000 retweets.

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Since being sworn in on May 26, 2014, Mr Modi has added a total of 16 million Twitter followers. During his two years in office, the Indian Prime Minister’s Facebook posts have had more than 400 million interactions for just over 2,000 posts, the social network said. He knows very well how to be in lime light, and this has impacted the population of India very much since he shares a lot of things on the social media platforms. People get a chance to be close to him and know the Prime Minister of their country closely.

If you open his page then you will see the before and after pictures of him cleaning the streets of Delhi during the “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” or the clean India Mission. The post got 2.4 million likes and more than 141,000 shares. Mr Modi hasn’t been modest about reaching his personal goals. His other popular posts include the “India has won” when Bharatiya Janata party won the elections. Also when Arvind Kejriwal won the Delhi elections, the Indian leader tweeted his congratulations to him. We must say our Prime Minister is a very sweet and humble person and also a very emotional one because when India was knocked out of the Twenty20 world cricket tournament, Mr Modi had to console his fellow cricket fans.

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If we try to calculate then Mr Modi has a total of 15.4 million followers on twitter, because just like other influential people on twitter he is also very active and responds to most of the things that happen around us. Twitter is also the place where we can actually go and tell our problems to him. On the other hand, 30,588,296 on Facebook, 856,000 in Instagram and 12.2k on Pinterest. He is without any doubt loved by many. He is in true sense the best Prime Minister that India has got after a very long time.

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