How To Fit In During IPL Season

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Yeppiiieeeeeeeee!!!! The IPL has started, which means basketball, or like some of you say volleyball. And can I just say how excited I am for this IPL, the IPL fever….. (Awkward silence) OK I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS GAME, BUT DON’T GET ME WRONG I REALLY LIKE THE EXCITEMENT. I wish I had some clue about it but I am sorry I can’t even pretend. So, if any of you are like me and wondering how to fit in during this IPL season, then you must keep reading.

1. Make noises with the crowd:
If you start making noises with the majority of people then they might actually believe that you know everything about the game. Just concentrate on the commentary and you are good to go.

2. Remember the main names:
Just pick the pretty men you like in the team and then memorize their names by heart. This will give others the idea that you actually have some knowledge about the team. Just remember one thing the players are all scattered in different team and not in their usual teams like in the world cup or normal matches.

3. Pick a team:
Just do your home-work right and memorize the name of your favorite celebrity’s team. Here you have a wide variety to choose from, Shah Rukh Khan, Shilpa Shetty, Priety Zinta, Ambani’s, etc.

4. Pay attention:
While sitting with a group of people you must listen to the commentator very carefully because he is the guy who will give you all the details that you cannot ask the people sitting next to you. Why? Because, then they will think that you are faking it.

5. Make slogans:
Make slogans to cheer up your favorite team or you could also memorize the ones that your friends are singing so that u can be a part of the team. This will give them the idea that you are not a traitor and they can team up with you against the others.

6. Do not cheer the opposite team in excitement:
Let the experienced ones make noises so that you know when to act sad and when to play excited. Do not make a fool out of yourself and let your emotions out before the others,because don’t forget you actually don’t understand anything about this game.

Just do any of these things mentioned above and you, my friend are good to go. No one will ever be able to recognize the truth. And yes, you will be included in all the IPL craze. WELCOME TO THE COOL CLUB!! PHUUUUSSSSSHHHHHH!!! YOU ARE WELCOME!!!!

Aashna Mehta

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