How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship?

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1. Trust Your Partner:
Trust is a very essential part of any relationship and a relationship where you can’t see and meet a person whenever you want then it is going to be very hard on both of you. So trust with your whole heart and don’t be scared. Because if you don’t have trust then you don’t have a long-lasting relationship.


Trust Partner
2. Hope:
It may seem funny and irrelevant, and you might think sometimes that it is not working out, but then always remember that you must have hope that things will eventually work out because there are going to be a lot of people who are going to say stuff that you are not going to like, there is going to be a lot of “he said” and “she said”. But you have to hope for the best. Just keep in mind to trust.




3. Care packages:
I know we are not in high school anymore, but I love care packages. I love sending them and most of all I love receiving them. You can always buy gifts and things for someone if they are around you. But when you take the time to pick special things and memories and stuff to put it in a box and send it when they are least expecting it, that means lot.


Care Package
4. Count down:
It is so important to know when the person is going to come and meet you to and that makes the time seem shorter when you actually know that it’s a long way to go. It may seem stupid, but this really helps as it gives you a goal and keeps you grounded. It makes you realize that there is something in this relationship that is going to work and you are going to see it.


Count Down

5. Surprises:
Spontaneity and Surprises is the spark that every relationship should have, because you don’t want to have a boring relationship where there is a time for everything is set right and then you have to follow it. Try to keep it a little different sometimes. Try to be creative and let them know why you love them and make them feel wanted.




6. Schedule:
It is very important that you know each other’s schedule; because nothing is worse than one person skyping you and you missing it. Keep a very clear schedule with your partner so that you feel that you are very much involved in each other’s life. Now you don’t have to tell your partner that you are doing this or doing that but keep a clear spot for them.


7. Honesty:
It is the toughest part of a relationship and believe me sometime we all lie, and if it makes you feel any better it is okay to lie sometimes so as to not hurt the other person. But also be honest about what you feel, because it is very easy to shut someone out if they are not in front of you. So be honest, and if you are not happy in a relationship let the person know. If you are having doubts, be honest.


8. Openness:
It is a huge part of any relationship and especially when your partner is living at a very long distance from you then it becomes even more important. It is very necessary to be open about anything and everything with your partner.




9. Face time/Skype:
One of the two things that have kept my relationships going is things like Face Time; it makes you think that the person is in front of you. This is personally my all-time favorite. It has always kept my relationship together. It allows you to see each other faces, even if you are having the busiest day ever. So face-time is a great time. It makes a long distance feel like a no distance.




10. Netflix dates:
I love the creator of Netflix, whoever that is; you just made life so much easier. Being in a long distance relationship, we can’t go out for movie dates, but it is so convenient that we can turn on Netflix and then set it to the same time and watch the shows at the same time. Even though we can’t cuddle, you have to agree it’s cute.

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