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Ordering food from online platforms is a very common thing these days. It is a very convenient option for the young generation to do. Whenever you feel hungry just grab your phone, look through the options and you are good to order from anywhere anytime, without the hassle to go and eat out or bring food in. Also this is a very convenient thing for people these days because you can choose from a variety of options and then go through their menu, compare the prices and you good to go. There are many plat forms that even rate the restaurants for you which gives you an overview about the quality and taste of the food that you are going to order.

1. ZOMATO: this is an application that is used to look for the best restaurants, cafe, and fine dining experience ever. You can just go to the application or the website and go through the restaurants and check out their menu. They also rate the services of the restaurants they offer and give reviews for the same so as to make it easier for you to decide where to go and what to eat. You can order online or even book a table for the restaurant you like. They have over 10,000 cities and 24 countries to choose from.

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2. FOODPANDA: this is also a very similar platform like the above mentioned one, but this has a lesser number of restaurants under it. The delivery is quick and you don’t have to worry about the taste and the effect the popular restaurant will have over your pocket because they do have a discount coupon for their customers. So eat right and fancy with a great discount.

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3. SWIGGY: Now unlike the other applications this one does not have a minimum order criteria, even when you have an order of 50 rupees they will deliver to your doorstep. They also have the fastest delivery that has been a plus for the company. This will track your location and then send you the closest restaurants according to the cuisine that you have selected.

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4. TWIGLY: according to the promises made by the company, they provide the best food in town with the freshness intact and also they provide global cuisines’ to your doorstep. They are the company who provide you the freshest food.

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5. INNERCHEF: this one has the homemade food which is pretty affordable at a very exclusive prise. Also they offer you to share the application and earn money which can later be redeemed in the next food delivery. They have fresh and homemade simple food. You can also customize the food according to your taste.

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6. JUSTDIALFOOD: everyone is aware about what JUSTDIAL is, similar to the calling one, they have recently launched an application which has many options, one of which is food. They show you a list of restaurants, café and brands to order from and then have a look at their menu, also they have an online placing order option which is pretty cool for those who don’t want to be put on hold for placing an order for only one thing.

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