Investing Ideas For 2017 To Get Better Return On Your Money

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Do you want to invest in something that gives you better return on your money? Ever thought of changing your investing schemes? If you want better returns on your investments then you must try the following investing ideas:

  1. Public Provident Fund: In India this is the safest and the most secure long term investment. And a plus is that it is tax free. The money you deposit here gets locked for around 15 years and can earn compound interest from it. The current rate of interest for years 2016-2017 is 8.1% per annum.Image result for increase savings
  2. Mutual Funds: If you want to take in the slightest risk then this is the best place to invest in. People invest in stock markets through the mutual funds and this is a new trend in India. The investment plan here gives the best return compared to any other investment option in the market.Image result for debt mutual fund
  3. Equity Shares: Well, always do your homework completely before you get into the equity share market. It comes in the top 10 list of investments and is pretty good at its job. But it is only beneficial if you invest in long term.Image result for Finance
  4. Real Estate Investment: This is one of the fastest growing market in India. It covers mostly everything including, housing, commercial, hospitality, manufacturing, retail and more. It is also low risk.Image result for downpayment for a house
  5. Gold ETF: While the property is like a bid, and can go wrong sometimes, you can never go wrong with gold. It is an investment that is known as the best one and almost everyone wants to invest in gold. Because no matter how much you use it, nothing can ever go wrong with it.Image result for gold etf
  6. Post Office Monthly Income Account Schemes: It is one of the best in India and is a great way to invest money. There is a monthly income plan which can be very suitable for most of you.Image result for post office monthly income scheme
  7. Company Fixed Deposit: The company fds are very beneficial in comparison to the bank fds. They give you a higher rate of interest. The only problem is that you cannot withdraw you money before maturity.Image result for revenue growth
  8. Property: Investing in a property market is always a plus because the rates will definitely go high after some amount of time. Investing in the property market is always chosen at first by the wise men/women because this is a place where nothing can go wrong. The prices may even get double or even ten time in the case of some. But it is also really risky for some as the market goes through a bad time as well sometimes and can decrease to less than a penny.Image result for property

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