Is Social Media Addiction any Good for you?

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube are all most commonly used social media of today’s world. Starting from a very young age children indulge into these online social media sites. Though it connects you to the world and your family and friends, it still has a lot of negatives that we ignore. Let me give you the list of some things that you already know but tend to ignore (because WE care) :

1. Meaningless relationships:

The relationships that are only restricted to the posts that you post online, without sharing the actual feeling and experiences, ask yourself, are these even worth your time?? Because these are not real relationships. This is a relation you have with a computer screen not the actual person, as it will not hear you out or console you when you will need it the most.
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2. Lack of one on one:

The relationships that we form online are the ones that we can connect with only through social media and not one on one. You don’t get to actually meet and spend time like normal people do. This can actually ruin your social skills and make you an anti-social personality, which is not good for anyone. To exist in this world you need to socialise with people and that can be done when you go out and meet new people and not by sitting in front of a screen all day long.
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3. Lack of productivity:

When people engage in social media and things that take most of their attention, then they get less productive and hence all their energy is occupied by the social media and they cannot pay attention to their work. According to some studies it has been shown that people who spend more than nine hours a day on social media are most likely to decrease their IQ. Now, this may not be a proven fact but this has been a very controversial one. Let’s go back to what we know. Our IQ increases when we interact with new people and gain new knowledge, but only being indulged in social media is not doing any of this.
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4. Lazy:

Social media makes a person very lazy, all the people who are addicted to social media just want to spend time online, playing games, and watching the people online. They do not want to indulge in any other activity like household chore, meeting friends, exercising, shopping, cleaning, etc. basically all they want to do is use social media. This makes them lazy and not wanting to do anything else.
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5. Addiction:

Now, we all know that addiction is bad for us. Anything in excess is an addiction and that is always harmful for everyone, may it be smoking, drinking, exercising, or even using social media. Excess of anything will cause a harm to you and your body eventually, making it want the addiction more and more. Social media addiction is now a classified disorder DMS-5 TR , which is the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, used worldwide by the all the psychologists and psychiatrists.
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