Its 2017 and its Time you Realize that Fairness Creams are Pointless!

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Let’s be honest we all have used those fairness creams that guarantee fairer skin in so and so days but still show no results. We see advertisements on the television about these fairness creams and hence want to try them, but do you still believe these work?? Well evaluate them on you own understanding of the facts given below……


The amount of chemical content in these type of creams are very high. Also they mostly contain bleach content. The basic properties of bleach are to make the skin lighter. Bleach is a content that can be very harmful to the skin. It can make the skin appear lighter instantly but cause great harm to you skin at the same time.

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The fairness creams can give you instant fairness without any doubt, but they could also make your skin look really bad after certain amount of time. When you apply a fairness cream it will change your skin tone to most possibly three tones lighter but after two to three hours it tends to come off from some places. This will not only make your skin caky but also make it look dark, which is not a good thing to have.

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These fairness creams are not as good and magical as they appear in the advertisements that come on the television. They are actually very transferable, they can transfer from your skin to anything that possibly comes in contact with it. When you use a mobile phone to make or receive a phone call it will fully transfer the cream to the screen of your cell phone. Also if you use a tissue it will transfer to that and also while changing the clothes it can transfer to our clothes. And having white spots on your favorite t-shirt is not a good thing.


Not everyone has a skin that can take harsh chemicals that are present in these fairness creams. There are some people who have purchased these fairness creams with a dream of a changed complexion, but get something else which is even worse, people actually can develop rashes and irritation in their skin due to these creams. There have been quite a few cases that have seen acne, redness and wrinkles at a very young age due to the use of these creams.

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Everyone is born with a quality of skin, either it is a good quality or a bad quality. People who have had a good quality skin, meaning they have never experienced acne, redness, sensitivity, rashes or even dryness for that reason, tend to experience all these things as a result of using the fairness creams.

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There have been may reported cases where the people who have used these creams have had diseases like skin cancer. Though it is not a proven fact that the cancer is totally due to the use of these creams, but it is a very close cause.
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