Mobile Marketing Trends of 2017 that will Boost your Business Revenue!

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Mobile is the future of the internet, everyone these days are using their mobiles to use internet, only a few people actually use desktop as their source for internet. It has become very important that the users get what they want on the go. It’s about making sure that the level of standards are met on the mobile sites as well as they do on the computer sites. If you are not catering to your content, ads and online experience to a mobile user, then you are missing out a massive opportunity.

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There are two types of marketers according to a research done in the last year, one who want to use the latest technology and the ones who are using the latest technology. Now if you don’t fulfil the conditions of both these marketers then you are at a loss my friend. You have to be fluent in Facebook ads and conversations, otherwise you will miss a big opportunity.


The best way to gain followers on any social media is by their valuable users who are always on the positive side when giving reviews about the social media they are using. When you see brads being promoted by your favourite actor/actress then you tend to be more influenced by the brand and would want to purchase it. Similarly people also like to trust the recommendations of the people they see as their idols.

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In today’s world the company’s focus their success on the view ability of the users. This means they have to go above the CMPs and focus on the performance based matrix. Instead of focusing on just the view per person the company should focus on the ROI and downloads and the signups.

5. Short-lived content:

This is a new concept in the market and has grabbed the attention of many individuals towards itself. Snapchat is the founder of this smart concept where people will only see an image for about 10 seconds and then it will disappear, this increases the concentration of the individuals. This is an attraction for this generation.

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6. Personalization:

This word is self-explanatory, but it has a different meaning here in this context. Personalization means that you have to create content for the people according to their liking and their demands. In a world with so much information and only few things that a person likes it’s a must for people to increase the devotion of their customers and users. When you want to make availability of everything to your consumers then you must make lists so that the consumer can chose from anything and everything that they like to see and not have to be going through everything and waste their time.

7. Live streaming:

Live streaming is a new way to see the content in this new generation, the concept was initially brought out by Instagram but now you can see Facebook and other social media’s to be using this concept as well. Also it has been used by YouTube for a very long time now.

8. Purpose driven market:

The feeling good element of any story makes it stay in the heart of the consumers. This is a very smart technique used by many brands. Brands that partner up some type of charity or try to motivate the “give back” agenda in their motto is more likely to be famous among the consumers. Everyone likes to do good for others and when you can’t do it in any other way the best way is make yourself happy and this will contribute to making someone else happy and for this you don’t even have to go that extra mile.

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9. Mobile video:

We now live in an age of mobile video, I can assure you that 95% of your Facebook feed is video. This is better and easier way to view videos through your mobile than go and sit up on your computer. In fact, mobile video views grew up than desktop views for the first time. And a mobile video views grew up to six times higher than desktop views in last year and it is high time we acknowledge it.


Now this by far has to be the toughest part of the social media context because you never know the actual source of the material in front of your eyes. This is what is known as the “DEEP WEB”.
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