Most Genuine Reasons to Skip Work!!

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There is always a love-hate relationships between the office work-and–salary. We all love to cash in the salary checks, but nobody wants to work 5-6 days a week in the boring office desk job. Everyone wants to relax and have fun, which not always so easy to do. Here are some excuses to skip office that are actually genuine…..

1. I CAME EARLY BUT THEN NOBODY WAS THERE SO I WENT FOR A WALK: You must try this excuse which is pretty good to believe. “Sir, I came in while nobody was there, so I thought I will take a walk around the office. So when I went down and started walking I thought I probably have a lot of time, so I walked a long road and then realised that its already 8:50, so rushed back to office but then I was really thirsty so I stopped and drank a coconut water, then walked all the way back to the office, but then I saw that there was still no one so I thought today was an off, thus I went back home.”
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2. MAID:
So if you are a lady then you can play the maid card. “Sir, I got up on time and got ready on time for office, but then the maid didn’t come on time, and I can’t leave the whole house on the maid to take care off. I have to get my room cleaned and locked and only then I leave for work, because the maid came late and finished her work so late and then I couldn’t come to work.

3. THAT TIME OF THE MONTH: “sir it’s that time of the month and that’s why I cannot come to office today, I hope you can understand that I won’t be able to even work today so there is no point I come and waste time, also I get cramps for two days so I won’t even be coming tomorrow” there you have it, you are out from work for two days.

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4. TRAFFIC: “Sir there is a very heavy traffic jam on the way to work, I have been stuck in traffic for around 3 hours now, and I don’t even have the energy anymore to go to work and work throughout the day, can I go back home and take the day off?”

5. ALARM WENT OFF: “hello sir, yes I realize that its 12 in the afternoon, I did put up an alarm but it went off and so I just woke up, I know it is my mistake sir, but I think not also feeling very well, so can I just take the day off and get back tomorrow on schedule.

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6. TYRE PUNCTURE: “sir I have been on my way, but my tyre just got punctured, I am trying to get it fixed but I think it will take some extra time. Also, I am surely going to get all my clothes dirty in this process and thus I won’t be able to make it to office in dirty clothes, can I take the day off and get back to work tomorrow?”

7. ACCIDENT: “Good morning sir, (people shouting from behind), I just met with an accident and got my arm injured, so I won’t be able to make it the office today.”

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