Naughty Things That Will Turn Your Relationship More Spicy

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Every relationship needs some kind of spice to keep the fire going. Here are some things that will spice up your relationship if you try them:

  1. TEXTPECTATIONS: You know you can get the most turned on when you least expect it. Here is what you can do to spice it up your relationship. Just text your man when he is the busiest. When he is in the middle of something just send him a nude or a picture in the sexiest lingerie that you own and then wait for the fun that you will have. And also you will see that he will come home as early as possible to come see you in person wearing that same thing.Image result for 6 month anniversary ideas
  2. STAND AND DELIVER: Nothing is as sexy as standing up to the wall and then getting all into each other. Well that’s exactly what you want to do. Just push him towards the wall slowly and then start to caress him softly with your hands. This is a great way to turn him on when he least expects it.Image result for prince udaya priyantha songs
  3. GO SLOW MO: We have all had that streaming sex where we go with a constant speed. Here is the deal where you both tease each other and let yourselves get to the verge of patience where you just can’t take it anymore. Give yourselves that time to hold the energy inside of you and let it all out in a slow motion. You will have the orgasm of your life because of the amount of wait that you have done to get it all out. And please thank me in the comments down below.Image result for make a woman squirt
  4. JERSEY GIRL: Guys love sports is what we all have seen. And they do love the cheerleaders. All women hate it when their men look at those hot cheerleaders. But I kid you not if you try this one thing out he would imagine you while looking at those cheerleaders his entire life. Just set his mood and appear in one of his jerseys/ or buy your own and surprize him wearing it at night, JUST THAT.Image result for girl in manchester united jersey
  5. CLEAN CUTIE: We all have heard how hot the shower sex can be, well give it to him when is least expecting it. Early in the morning when he is trying to get ready for the day, just hop in the shower with him and give him a morning he can remember all day. Or you can just ask him to join you while you are in the shower when he least expects it. It will make his day and even yours. You can also use the shower sex to take out all the remaining energy at night.Image result for couple shower hot
  6. LET’S HEAR IT UP FOR THE BOY: Have you ever had a sex so loud that the neighbours get jealous of it? Well, you can have it now. Scream so loud while having sex that he gets all pumped up and pumps you even harder (sounds dirty?) that’s the idea of it. Get as dirty with each other as you can and see the difference yourself.Related image
  7. NAUGHTY NOTE: Another way to tease your man is to leave him naughty notes as a trail till you. Set up a trail and leave naughty notes for him to read and reach to you so that he is at the verge of excitement when he comes face-to-face with you. It will actually excite him more than you could ever imagine. 

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  8. HAVE HIM FOR DESSERT: When you are still on your dinner date and he asks you if you still want to have a dessert, say yes and point towards what you want to have in his body. This will make the atmosphere more romantic and he will have to take you home early. Or the earlier the better, you could start the foreplay in the car, which is also pretty interesting and exciting. 

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  9. MASSAGE: Massages are a great way to form a body to body connection where both of you can actually explore each other’s body and have a great time about it. Try the massage sex someday and you will be more relaxed than you are after a massage.

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  10. SET THE SCENE: We have to agree, sex is always more happening and exciting in the hotel room or when we are travelling rather than when we are at home. So set up a hotel scene and pretend to be in the hotel. Put up a do not disturb sign and enjoy the night with your partner.Image result for honeymoon in sri lanka

    These are some of the things that are worth doing. Do try out these things and let us know if they helped you. And if you have some other things that can make the relationship more spicy then do let us know in the comments below.

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