Quick And Easy Ways To Make Summer Drinks For Refreshment

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Want to make some refreshing drinks for yourself and your loved ones? Here are some options that you can try:

  1. AAM PANNA: Well this is probably the most loved drink in India and by Indian households. The ingredients needed are mango (kaccha), onions, mint and chat masala, salt, lemon. You boil the mangoes, take out the juice, then all everything else. And store in the refrigerator till it gets cold. And there you have it. It will also protect you against the hot breeze in summers. Serve it chilled in a glass.

    LEMON SODA: Well this is much loved drink by most of the people all around the globe. You can have a lemon and add some salt and some sugar in it with a glass of soda and there you have it. Just chill it and you are good to go. Serve it in a glass with ice and mint leaves.Image result for agua mineral con hielo

  2. ORANGE GINGER: Take a glass of orange juice, add half cup of ginger juice to it and add some salt with lemon. Refrigerate it and there you have it. You orange ginger is ready. You can add some soda if you like it and enjoy your drink.
  3. MANGO SMOOTHIE: Just add one whole mango into a blender and then add some milk and some sugar. Blend it and add some ice with it. Serve it in a glass and add chunks of mango in it. And your mango smoothie is ready.
  4. HOMEMADE GATORADE: You need nothing more than a coconut water, oranges, lime and a juice of your choice, add some sea salt and half a spoon glucose. Just add these in a can and shake it. Now add a juice of your choice in a glass bottle and the mixture you made earlier.Image result for Electrolyte
  5. WATERMELON AGUA FRESCA: You would need to cut watermelon and strawberries, a lime, some agave and mint. Take a blender and add some water and add the fruits you have and agave and also the lime juice. Now just blend it. You will have a pink coloured mixture. Now to add a little bit character to it, take a glass of water and some of this mixture and top it up with some mint.Image result for WATERMELON AGUA FRESCA
  6. WATERMELON LEMONADE: You need chopped water melons, water, lemon juice and honey with some blueberry and mint for garnish. Stir lemon and honey together and then add them to the blender with the watermelon. Just add water. Refrigerate and serve with mint and blueberry garnish.

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