Reasons Why Bombay Can Never Beat Delhi.

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If we start giving personality to every city in India, then every city will be a different personality. So let’s start with Delhi, the short and fat Punjabi guy whose waist line keeps growing, just like the borders of Delhi like it keeps taking in everything inside of it like Noida, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad. And then he will have a problem with one person in the entire country, which is also my second favourite Bombay. So we all know about the great fight between DELHI AND BOMBAY So let’s have a look……..


So we all know that people in Mumbai are much sweeter than the people of Delhi. So people from Delhi are not used to the niceness, they use words like “Bh*****d” in Delhi for any given situation, may it be a happy one or a sad one. They don’t care if they are angry or normal. The “B” word has to be there. Whereas people in Mumbai are very sweet and calm (So calm that they could actually give a heart attack because dude you are not trained that way.

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So according to the JANTA, the people from Delhi are very loud. They use words like “Oye” and “Bhaiyaji” to address someone. The people from Delhi are very over-dressed (formally dressed), means they have a class. Also, the girls are much more stylish and also wear makeup so they look hot. On the other hand, people in Mumbai are always cribbing about the traffic, the space, and weather and vada pao. The Bombay people will also not talk in Hindi no matter how bad their English is (grammatically speaking). They are basically fashion disasters. But the best thing about the people of Mumbai that they are very grounder whereas the people in Delhi like to show off.

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So, the basic difference is India Gate and Gateway of India. People in Delhi don’t understand the basic concept behind India gate, then how the hell am I going to tell you. I mean I understand that people call the Gateway of India like that because it is the actual entry gate for entering in India. But why the hell India gate has been given this name? So it is situated at the center of Delhi and surrounded by gardens all around it. Is there a secret doorway to enter India, if not, then why has the name been given??

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4. SAFE:

Let’s get to the controversial topic, “DELHI IS NOT SAFE FOR GIRLS” and apparently, “MUMBAI IS VERY SAFE FOR GIRLS” why? Is it that the rapes don’t happen in Mumbai? Or is it because sex is very easily available in Mumbai? Or people are very desperate in Delhi? Or have they no respect for girls? This is because people in Mumbai are much more inclined towards towards the western culture.

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5. AREA:

The location of the capital of our country is located in diversity, surrounded by the borders of Gurgaon and Haryana and Rajasthan. The city has a diversity in it. Whereas in Mumbai, the city is surrounded by water on all sides, experiencing the majority of Maharashtrians.

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6. FOOD:

The food is the biggest problem when you are to travel in either of the cities, because the taste buds of the people from Bombay are different from those living in Delhi. The Delhi-its like to have spicy food with a lot of ghee and butter. On the other hand, the Mumbai-kars are a fan of healthy chaat (vada pao, paanipuri, sev puri).

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