The First 8 Rules of Friends with Benefits!

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1. Keep it out of your neighborhood:
You don’t want others to know that you are open for this kind friendship, because all guys want is the benefit and nobody wants the baggage. Also, this will make you look desperate if you are a girl, because we all know “men will get away with anything”.

2. Keep them separate from other friends:
You don’t want to engage them in your life, may it be personal or professional. Once, they start getting involved then the feelings might start to develop because you might have a friendly word with them and then the fun and excitement will change into boring adult stuff.

3. Keep things in the bedroom:
Whatever you want to do with them should be inside the bedroom. Don’t let anyone else know about it. Getting touchy in public can give others an idea that you are committed, whereas you are nowhere near that. This might also keep away “the one”.
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4. Keep things safe:
Whether you are the guy or the girl in a friends with benefits situation, keep it as safe as possible. You must always use protection and never lose control without one, because in a situation like this there is no commitment whatsoever.
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5. Tell them what you want:
Be honest and to the point. Tell them exactly what you are looking for in this situation that the two of you have agreed to. This will keep things very clear and direct between you two and nothing mess up. This will also give an idea to the other person to act accordingly and not get too attached.
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6. Absolutely no sleepovers:
When there are sleepovers after the sex, then you cuddle, which means there will be a lot of hormones involved, which might lead to feelings. So never ever try to cuddle. This will only complicate things between you two and that’s not what you signed up for. For the complexities you could have been indulged in a full blown relationship.
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7. Check your jealousy:
You must check whether you get jealous if the other person meets with new people or talks with new people. This will tell you if it is even safe to be involved with such a person in this type of a situation.
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8. Keep your eyes open:
Never get bound to these types of relations, always keep looking for “THE PERFECT” person. These are very temporary relationships and these cannot account for a lifetime. Thus always keep your options open.
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