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Guys always have things that they want the girls to do with them but then they also know that the girls will not enjoy these things with them. But here are a few things that all guys want girls to enjoy with them……
1. SPORTS: Where on one hand guys love the sports of any sort, girls tend to not enjoy it. This one comes on top of everything else because guys love it the most and girls have it nowhere on their list. So it’s the major thing that guys always want girls to enjoy with them, whereas they don’t understand one fact, no matter how hard they try girls are never going to fall for this one.

2. DRINKS: Though there are some girls who love drinking, they are still unable to reach the level of the guys. This is a very common thing that guys love to do and girls only enjoy it till a level where it is not too overwhelming for them.

3. RANDOM PLANS: Guys always love to make random plans and then head straight out but then they also know that girls will not enjoy these random plans. So the guys who enjoy making plans randomly and head straight out because they don’t have a deadline and also don’t have to answer anyone are all free to do anything.

4. VIDEO GAMES: While the guys love playing video games they don’t know one thing that girls don’t understand the logic behind playing these. You are a grown up man why do you want to play games made for children? Girls don’t like video games and they can’t play video games and that’s the end of it.

5. DIRECTIONS IS OUR THING: Guys think that they don’t need directions and they know everything. But sometimes that’s not true. Sometimes men need directions and that’s okay because they are also humans. But guys think that the girls would also enjoy checking out random streets like they do.

6. HAVE SEX ALL THE TIME: While guys can have sex all day every day, girls cannot enjoy it all the time. And nor do they think about it all the time. Guys want the girls to think and have sex all the time and that is something that the girls would not enjoy as much as the guys do.

7. HAVING NO DISCUSSIONS: While girls want to have long discussions and the guys don’t. The guys want the girls to have no discussions at all. All they want to say is a word or two and then expect the same from the girls. But let me tell you one thing guys, you won’t get any of that from girls. Let’s be honest girls love to chatter a lot and that the truth.

8. SLEEPING: While guys love sleeping anytime and anywhere, the girls don’t like it as much.


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