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1. THERE IS NO QUESTION AS TO WHO WILL LEAD: Yes, you are the only person who will lead and there has to be no questions about that. You have always been the person who leads and you will always be one. No one else is allowed to even raise their questions.

2. YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE AN OPINION: Well, no matter what and how things are happening in the group you will always have an opinion about things and you would not shy away from saying them out loud because that’s how it has been and that’s how it will be. You are the boss and you will always say the right thing no matter is it is correct in the other person’s situation or not.

3. YOU WILL NEVER LIKE SOMEONE WHO IS BOSSY: There can only be one boss in the group and that has to be you. No one else is allowed to be as bossy as you are because you are not used to having to take instructions. You are the one giving instructions and you will always be the one to give them out.

4. YOUR “SUGGESTIONS” ARE OFFENSIVE: Sometimes your “suggestions” can be offensive to some people. Well because you actually don’t “suggest” things you order them to do certain things and that’s not a suggestion. Ordering someone can be offensive to them and that’s also not a good thing to do.

5. YOU ARE ALWAYS THE FIRST ONE TO SPEAK AFTER SILENCE: Whenever there has to be a decision or when the decision is over you are the first one to break the silence and give your opinion on things. Sometimes the people might like it and sometimes they won’t. But most of the times, actually never will it happen that you would stop speaking what you want to.

6. YOU ALWAYS MAKE THE PLANS: You are the one to make all the plans and that the best thing about being a boss. You get to make the plans and you get to choose the place and everything else. So you are the in charge.

7. YOUR OPINIONS MATTER: Whenever the group needs to make a decision your opinion is the one that matters the most. And thus everyone wants to know what you think about a situation.

8. YOU CANNOT EXIST WITHOUT CORRECTION OTHERS: Well, whenever you feel something is not happening according to your wish then you are the first one to go and correct them. When someone is wearing two prints together then you would have no other option but go and tell them that this is not a way of making outfit decisions.

9. YOU LOVE THE WAY YOU ARE BOSSY: Whatever the world says it doesn’t matter to you, you know you are the boss and you like it.


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