Things You Will Relate To If You Just Can’t Cook

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  1. DON’T KNOW THE NAMES OF THINGS: When your mom tells you to get something from the market and you know what that thing looks like. Yeah! The struggle is real. When you have to choose from two similar colour pulses and don’t know their names and don’t know which one the recipe book is talking about. Yes there you have it dear. Welcome to the group.

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  2. FAKE APPRECIATIONS: When your parents and your boyfriend tell other people as to how tasty meals you prepare whereas you can’t even make yourself a cup a coffee, then you are the perfect example of a person who doesn’t know the ABC of cooking.

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  3. RATIO OF SALT AND SUGAR: First time preparing meals and don’t know how much salt/sugar to add? Well, don’t worry, the recipe book will not be able to help you on this, try to call your mother and when she finishes telling you how you are not fit to get married then slip in this question of how much salt and sugar to add.

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  4. ORDERS FOOD: If you don’t know how to cook food then you are probably the person who has no other option but to order food from somewhere, and that too each time and every day that you want to eat. So ordering food is your best choice and the delivery man is maybe your best friend by now.

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  5. EATS ONLY BREAD: When you don’t know how to cook anything then the only option for you when you are broke is that you eat bread, and by bread I don’t mean sandwiches. I mean just the bread. Which will not do any good to your body.

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  6. SLEEPS EMPTY STOMACH: If you are broke, which is mostly the case for you, because all your money goes into ordering food then this is what you do every other weekend like I do. Sleeping empty stomach. And then try out methods like a wet towel on the stomach to keep your stomach from growling the entire night.

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  7. DOUGH ALWAYS ENDS UP BAD: The dough you prepare is always bad, sometimes the water is too much and the other times the Atta is too much. The proportion just never happens right.

    Which is obviously a mistake.

  8. MAGGI IS THE LOVE: Well, the 2 minutes cup noodles is your best friend because all you know is to how to boil water and that is the only thing required here.

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  9. STACK PACKAGED FRUITS: You always stack packaged foods, may it be dal or sabzi and even pizza and burgers. So that all you have to do is stick them in the microwave and they are ready to eat.

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  10. GHAR KA KHANA IS THE ULTIMATE KHUSHI: Whenever your friend who lives with parents offers you food, you start crying at heart. Because the home food is ultimate happiness.

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