Tinder Profiles that Will Make you Laugh Out Loud!!

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1. KAYLEEN,21:

“I enjoy doing long walks on the beach. Except I can’t walk, and the sand fucks up my tires” this is a cute smile she has in there but her phone is on 2% and she has 4G. There are a lot of tragedies in her life but she is going to meet someone someday.
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2. JAMES,33

“I like long walks on the beach with my girlfriend, until the LSD wears off and I realize I’m just dragging a stolen mannequin around a Wendy’s parking lot.” Why are you even on tinder if you have a girlfriend? Do you actually think that you are going to get a girl with this type of bio? And you could be put behind bars for the LSD. Dude just watch where you are going

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3. LAURA,21

“Damn boy u must be my GPA because I know I could do better I’m just too lazy to actually try.” That’s so true. That just so like everyone else. Like I can do anything I want but I am too lazy, I mean do I need to do homework, leave it what’s the point. Do I actually have to learn chemistry? Na, there is no point. Is it important that I breath, let it go I am too lazy to breath.
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4. ALISON,23

“Our relationship should be like Nintendo 64-classec, fun to spend hours with, and every issue easily fixed by blowing on it then shoving it back in. 5’9””. ‘Awkward silence’, why do u need to write that last line? It sounds really bad. As if you are just here to have sex and not find love. I am getting wired vibes from you. I think I will get to the next one.

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5. DUSTY,27

That being said I’m just looking for a rich girl willing to support my expensive drug habit. My mom won’t let me use her minivan anymore because I ate all her lean cuisines so you also must be willing to drive me around.” Insta/snapchat:DickPicsOrGTFO. I mean seriously dusty? I think the only thing to do with dusty is get him to a rehab and then get him a job. Also the profile looks just fine when we ignore the things he has written, but then we go down and look at the instagram and snapchat which says “DickPicsOrGTFO” I mean seriously? Is there even one thing that says that you even deserve to be on tinder?
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