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Ever wanted to have a streaming sex in the summers? But are afraid of the sweat that comes with so much heat? Here are some ways you can ditch the sweat and only focus on the sex:

  1. TURN ON THE AC AN HOUR BEFORE: Well, the best thing to do when you know that it is the day for you to get all naughty is that you turn that air conditioner on at least an hour before on the lowest temperature with the fan turned on so that the room is chilly and nice when you enter because we all know it takes forever for it to cool the room entirely. And you don’t want to start the fun all sweaty.

  2. FREEZE YOUR SHEETS: Are you always worried about the heat that comes out of your bed? And obviously the bed is the place to be for the love making session that you are about to have. Have you ever wondered what will happen if you had an ice bed? Well not literally..but yeah! It can happen. Just take those sheets and pillow cases and put them in a plastic bag. Now go to your freezer and place them in it. After about ten minutes take them out and put them over your bedding. There you have it. The ice cooled sheets. And you can thank me in the morning after the fun icy sex and a good night sleep.

  3. WET THE BED: Now this is not for you to take literally but yeah what you can do is that put 2 or 3 towels under your bed sheet and then lightly damping your sheets could help you get a good and cosy bed and then you can have the sex of your lifetime.

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  4. TAKE A COLD SHOWER: The idea of a shower sex is very erotic and relaxing for some. It is also a way that you can encourage each other to try out new positions. Well, in a weather like this, you could totally opt for a shower sex and both of you can enjoy the coldness of water in that shower with the hotness of your bodies merging into each other.

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  5. USE THE BATHTUB: Another option is to use a bathtub or a pool if you have in your house and get in it. Just add cold water and even ice cubes if you want to. With some rose petals as they will give you a sensation of relaxation. You can also light up some candles that can help the relaxation process. Or you can opt for the flavours in candles that make you feel the heat of your body even more.

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  6. USE ICE: You can use ice to make that sex session be more fun and cooler than ever before. Ice will also make you get more excited as it is a new way that most of us don’t use in our daily sex life and will also keep you cooler.

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  7. ESSENTIAL OILS: Sounds weird? It does but you don’t have to use it on your body. Just use a oil dispenser and add a few drops of mint oil and vanilla in it and the room will start to smell fresh and cooler than before.

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