Top Excuses We Give Ourselves To Not Work-Out In The Morning!

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Workout is a great thing to do and it keeps your body healthy, also keeps you away from many diseases and health problems. It is advised by the doctors to work out daily for at least 30 minutes and you are good to go. Working out will not only keep you fit and healthy but will also keep your heart healthy and keep your stomach healthy too. Workout will never ditch you and your body. Like they say “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” similarly, “A 30 minutes workout a day will keep all the health problems away”. But not all of us like to get up early and get going. It is very hard to get up and go to the gym or on a walk, while you know your bed is waiting for you all warm and toasty. Here are some excuses that we give ourselves to not work out in the morning…

1. Sleepy: we have all been naughty to get up in the morning and want to sleep for that extra 5 minute. And let’s be honest the 5 minutes u snooze off your alarm turn into a 40 minute thing and then….boom… you are 40 minutes late to everything and now you will get late for work and then have a good 20 minutes session with your boss where he will tell you all about your setbacks. Congratulations you are screwed…but at least you got what you wanted, some extra sleep.

2. Lazy: yes, tell me about it. I have to be the laziest person alive on earth when it comes to working out. Yes only for workouts. I can do anything but workout. So whenever I have to get up in the morning for a workout I tell myself you don’t have to do it unless you actually want to. I mean you could always start tomorrow.

3. Will work out in the evening: this has happened with everyone, when your alarm rings in the morning and you look at the time, you must have told yourself on a day off that this is a time for you to sleep and that you could go and workout in the evening too. And that my friend is never going to happen.

4. Too busy: you constantly tell yourself that you are too busy in your life to take some time out in the morning to workout, this is the only time that that you have to sleep and relax your body, whereas the truth is that you watch Netflix all day everyday just lying in your bed while your house is a total disaster.

5. It is too hot: It’s a fact that you lose more weight when you work out in a lower temperature, and summers is not a time for a lower temperature so why waste your energy and get all sweaty and tiered. So I will probably workout in the winters only.

6. Diet: so the perception of a lot of people is that, if they are on a diet then they don’t need to work out. Which is not true.

7. I will start next week: going to the gym is an everyday struggle for me and this is something I tell myself every day. So I tell myself daily that I will working out from tomorrow and if not that then I tell myself that from Monday I will go to the gym regularly. Which is the case every week probably from the past six months.

8. Real talk: the real talk is that I want a fairy god mother who will cast a spell at me and grant me a wish that I will never get fat no matter what I eat. And that’s what we all want deep down our hearts.

Aashna Mehta

Aashna Mehta is a clinical psychology post graduate who uncannily, loves to write as much as she loves to connect with people. She also has a penchant for all things beautiful and loves to indulge in fine arts whenever she can. Her stories are a portrayal of her soul that is simple and grounded.

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