Ways To Keep Up With The Google Search Engine In 2017

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Google is changing everyday with the speed of a light (not literally but, yeah) and so is the information, the ways it can be accessed and the more it changes it becomes more broader and wider for it feels the need to do everything possible on this planet earth that is known to mankind. Just type the word and it will give you a thousand results. This is like an engine that is your assistant, just to gather information. Have you ever seen iron man and wanted to have the computer system he has, which can actually talk back to you, well this one might not talk back but it will respond back in the best way possible. While this is progressing in a much broader way, you must try to keep up with it. Don’t have ways to do so? Don’t worry! We have it all covered. Here are some ways that will help you to keep up with the Google search engine in 2017:

  1. Increase in search engagement: With the introduction of rank brain, Google’s new machine-learning algorithm that helps determine search engine rankings, how the searcher interacts with Google is now being weighed as one of hundreds of ranking signals. While Google is still figuring out how rank brain operates themselves, but metrics such as click through rate and time on-page already contribute to how high (or low) your site ranks in Google. 

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  2. Evolve your keyword: Changing your keyword targeting strategy so your content is better geared toward the changing ways people are searching on Google. Use keyword research tools such as Google ad words and hub spot’s to determine the long-tail, conversational keywords your audience is searching for. Then, plan a blog post strategy based around topic clusters so your website is more likely to rank higher in Google search results.
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  3. Target a strategy: There are many new elements on Google search engine results pages that make it harder to generate clicks. With Google’s answer box and carousel search results, there is less real estate on Google’s search engine results page than ever. 

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  4. Diversify traffic sources: Fishkin encourages a distributed content strategy designed to help you earn traffic from a variety of different sources. This approach ensures that your traffic numbers aren’t entirely contingent on people directly searching for your brand name. Video is an engaging content format that can diversify traffic. For example, moz videos are published on wistia first, then on YouTube. This multi-channel strategy allows them to generate traffic from different sources. In the same vein, written content can be published on blogs, LinkedIn pulse, and medium publications. However, it’s important to tailor your content to different audiences where they consume content, whether it’s on social media or YouTube or guest posts on other blogs, to keep earning traffic and links from a variety of sources in Google search. 

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  5. Invest in a link building strategy that can scale: long-term investments have high upfront costs and are slower to return on their investment, but they earn links while you sleep and don’t put you at risk of any spammy behaviours. These tactics primarily consist of publishing high-quality content and promoting it in hopes that other sites will link to it. Short-term hacks can show results more quickly, but these strategies can sometimes be viewed as spammy. Such tactics include guest posting and sponsored content. 

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