Ways to Make Your Bedroom Look Luxurious

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Everyone wants to have a bedroom where you can just go and relax because you deserve no less than that. Just follow some of these steps and you will feel like you are at a luxurious hotel:

  1. LAYER PILLOWS: The first thing to do in a bedroom is to layer pillows. Have you ever noticed that there are always more than two pillows at a hotel room? Have you ever thought why? Well, more than one pillow is layered on the bed not only for your comfort but also to give it a feeling of luxury. Having two pillows is a need at a bed, but more than that are a luxury that you have. And that’s how it will make your bed look luxurious.

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  2. UPGRADE LAMPSHADES: You must leave behind the old lampshades and upgrade to the metallic one or the ones with crystals on it. The ones with the rustic feel and the market lining at the bottom are also a great way to make your room look full of luxury.

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  3. STYLE CLUTTER: We all have a pile of clutter in our bedroom, but that doesn’t mean that we leave to look like a pile of garbage in our luxurious bedroom. We all have those papers, medicines, glasses, books, mugs, wire, etc. that we want to keep in our room for easy access but never organise it. What you can do is put a stylish leather tray on a table and put these things in that. It will look stylish and will also look keep all the clutter at one place.

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  4. REDISTRIBUTE ARTWORK: Have a bunch of paintings and don’t know which one to put where? Want a change in your bedroom and don’t know what to put where? Well, don’t give away anything. Just redistribute the artwork throughout your house to different places. This will make it appear new and will give a change to your eyes and the guests too.

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  5. STYLE THE NIGHTSTAND: We all have a nightstand we can’t live without, but did you know you can keep it minimalistic. Have a junk drawer and put all the junk in it. And only keep a few things on display because the more you have the more you have to maintain and the more you have to clean. Keep it minimalistic and you will enjoy it more than ever.

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  6. REPLACE DRAPES: We all have those old drape rods and that we haven’t changed since a long time. But that peeks through the drapes and asks for help. You must also install those rods which are new in fashion. Don’t choose the ones that are very expensive but go for a silver or golden that can go with everything and is great to look at.

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These are a few things that you can do to make your room look luxurious and it will help you a lot. Comment below if you have any other ideas which can help us upgrade our rooms.

Aashna Mehta

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