Why Beaches are the New Mountains?

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Though both beaches and mountains have their own merits and demerits, and can be very exciting and entertaining at the same time. These are both very beautiful on their own ways, here are the reasons why most people prefer beaches over mountains :

Have you ever experienced the sunset at a beach? If not, then you are missing out on a very precious moment in your life. The view, when the sun submerges itself in the water of the ocean is a beauty that you will never experience at any other place in your entire life. When the sky turns orange and the sun sinks in the blue ocean, it is somehow the most satisfying thing to watch. It is usually a few seconds that the sunset happens but those few seconds will make you wonder the beauty of Mother Nature.

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Though a lot of people believe in the fact that the beaches or oceans don’t have a scenery, but that is not true. We have all seen those amazing images of the water changing colours during sunset, the changing colours of the oceans when they submerge from one ocean to another. The water is an amazing beauty that has many forms and many attires. Which is the most beautiful thing in this whole universe.
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Water sports like water ski and boating are a few common examples of the fun activities that can be performed on water. Not everyone has the courage to perform water sports and not everyone can be willing to risk their lives in water.
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It is so fascinating to know that there is life under the water too. You can dive in the ocean and experience the true beauty of nature in the purest form. The water world or the live under the ocean is so diverse that there are still millions of creature that exist and humans have not been able to discover them all even after millions of years of existence.

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It has been found that the sun at the beach can actually solve many of the skin diseases. It provide vitamin D to your skin and helps to gain that amazing tan, which you would otherwise have to pay for if you don’t like the beaches. This can cause a huge hole in your pocket. And believe me nothing is as satisfying and perfect as the actual beach sun.

The beaches are easily available to mankind, you don’t have to travel up and down the roads, and go in circular motions just to enjoy something. You can just get in a car and drive straight the beach. So no travel sickness and feeling nauseous.

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Unlike the mountains, the beaches don’t have a low oxygen level. So everyone starting from a baby of 2 years to an adult of 80 years can go to the beach and chill, without even worrying about the consequences.

Have you ever found treasure in the mountains? No? I bet you even can’t, unless and until it is a fort of some long lost king. But this is not the case with the beaches. The ocean always has something exciting for you. Either you could go and collect shells from the beaches or if in the ocean you can actually find a real pearl. Isn’t it precious?

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There as many people who go to the beach when they feel depressed. Watching the waves flow in and out calms them down and makes them take serious decisions about their lives. Many people do self-therapy by watching waves. For me personally, watching the waves flow in and out is a relaxation therapy. Though I never enter the premises of water, I still love to go and sit near the beach to sometimes relax myself or even de-stress myself from everyday tensions.

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