Write For Us

Are you obsessed with words and find solace in the world of creative and crispy writing? Well, this is the place for you then. Only few are blessed with the art of playing with words and molding them the way they like to. If you find yourself a part of this flock, then don’t hesitate and share your mind’s thoughts on this page.

P.S. – Make sure your blogs are interesting, informative, original, to-the-point and have the caliber to attract many eyes. But before you start penning down your ideas, go through the list of guidelines to ensure the selection of your write-up in one go. And always remember – It’s a two way street my friend!

Basic Writing Guidelines:

  • Your content should impart knowledge to our readers and gives benefit to them
  • It would be better if you mail us your sample write-ups in doc file or links of published articles to ease down the selection process
  • Your write-ups should not invite or violate any copyright issues
  • Articles should be properly formatted and the size of the images should be more than 2MP
  • To make your content visually appealing and increase the understandability of the write-up you are free to use images videos, GIFs and infographics within the content body
  • Minimum word count of the blog is 600 words and there should be proper room for headings, sub-headings and pointers/list
  • Do not forget to provide interlinking to any of the two blogs published on our website
  • The article should be followed by an author’s bio of minimum 60-80 words
  • There is no space for grammatical mistakes so make sure your content piece is error free
  • We hold the rights to make changes (if required) in the article you submit
  • Plagiarism is not appreciated in any manner, hence try original piece only